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Warren, Michigan, February 3, 2010 - Central Transport is ready to help you meet MABD service and information requirements today.

• It’s effortless. What you sign is what you get. We know we can meet your "Must Arrive By Dates" (MABD) without any hidden fees or charges.

• "Must Arrive By Date" Procedure. We understand that MABD is a critical component to your company. We have a specialized Central Transport Procedure for all MABD shipments and we provide a number of tools and systems that will help you monitor your MABD shipments.

• Retail Core carrier. As a core carrier for many major retailers, we provide multiple transportation options for your cargo and detailed real-time tracking information about your shipments.

• Custom transportation documents. We can provide detailed transportation files from any specific point to any distribution center to help you schedule lead times in order to meet your MABD window.

• We provide exceptional service. Our MABD team consists of representatives that possess the knowledge, experience and background to provide you with exceptional MABD service. Working with our MABD team guarantees you will always have a first-class experience.

For further information, contact Anne LeZotte:

Central Transport®
12225 Stephens Road
Warren, MI 48089
Telephone: (586) 939-7000
E-mail: alezotte@centraltransportint.com
Web Site: www.centraltransport.com

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