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Warren, Michigan, January 12, 2009 - Central Transport LLC has been providing reliable, dependable, and efficient service for over 75 years. Over the past few years, their main focus has been on improving the quality of the product that they provide to their customers. CTII not only worked hard toward their goals of improving quality of the product, they challenged their team members to become the best LTL provider in the industry. CTII understands the importance of delivering cargo in a damage free condition and because of that, they have made a multi-million dollar investment in a load bar and decking system to prevent damages, and put a company-wide "No Freight on Freight" policy in place.

These two advancements have enabled CTII to achieve and maintain a 99.3% damage claim free ratio.

Another goal CTII set for their team was to eliminate shortages with the implementation of a unique bar code system. They have now pioneered the technology, and are currently the only LTL Carrier to have piece level visibility. Each piece counted is labeled with a distinctive bar code, giving them the ability to provide tracking and trace accountability down to a piece level count.

This advanced scanning technique has enabled them to become nearly shortage free with a current claim free shortage ratio of 99.9%.

CTII is proud to state that current combined loss and damage claim free ratios are running at 99.6%.

As demonstrated in the graphs below, through innovative products and technologies, CTII has been able to dramatically reduce cargo loss and damages while in transit.

• In 2007, claim filings against CTII for cargo loss and damage were reduced by 30% (on a ratio of claims to shipments) compared to the claim filings in 2006. The dollar value of those claim filings were reduced by 34%.

• In 2008 the improvements continued, claims filed were reduced by an additional 28% as compared to 2007. The dollar amount reduced by 27%.

In the 2 years combined Central Transport has reduced claims filed by 50% and the dollar amount of those claims by an impressive 51%.

VIEW THE Vast Reductions in Loss and Damage Cargo Discrepancies

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